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Okinawa Sports Calendar

Okinawa is a place where you can spend the whole year in comfort with abundance of nature and warm climate.
As can be seen by many athletes having their training camps here, Okinawa is becoming popular as a sports island. New style of tourism of enjoying sports while traveling is becoming popular as well!

Check the weather of each season unique to Okinawa and prepare what you are going to wear.


    From March it will be like spring time, so you can enjoy sports in comfort. Most days In April, you will be able to wear just a short sleeve but at night it can get a bit chilly so have a light long sleeve available.


    Season for marine sports and beach sports is here! End of June when the rainy season ends, it is summer for sure. The sun’s ray will be at its peak.
    Have your sunscreen items ready and protect your skin.


    Compared to mainland Japan, the temperature is higher but you still can sense the coming of autumn in Okinawa. Various sporting events take place in Okinawa. Until October, you can still swim in the ocean but mornings and nights can get cool so have something to wear on top.


    The best season for sports. Although it is “Warm Okinawa winter”, the temperature can fluctuate depending on the weather and especially in January and February the wind is cold and the temperature you feel can get quite low. Wear clothing you can put on and take off easily.