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Thank you for using Okinawa Story.  Okinawa Story is a portal site for tourist information in Okinawa operated by the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (hereafter referred to as “OCVB”).  Okinawa Story obtains the minimum necessary personal information within the scope of the purposes described below.  This privacy policy applies to all parties that use Okinawa Story.


1. Definition of personal information

Personal information on Okinawa Story refers to the following information that can be used to identify a specific individual through collation of the individual information itself or other information.

  1. E-mail addresses, names and addresses obtained through e-mail enquiries


2. Use of personal information

Personal information is used principally for the following purposes.

  1. For contact by e-mail, etc. from OCVB
  2. For various kinds of surveys and research regarding Okinawa tourism.


3. Restrictions on the use of personal information

As a general rule, OCVB will not disclose any information that will allow individuals to be identified, or provide third parties with personal information.
However, in cases where OCVB entrusts an external contractor with the carrying out of any of the below activities within the scope of the purposes of use stipulated in paragraph 2, personal information may be provided on agreement of a confidentiality contract between OCVB and the said contractor,.

  1. Cases where the reception service for enquiries is entrusted to an external contractor.
  2. Cases where contact by e-mail, etc. is entrusted to an external contractor.


4. Disclosure of information due to exceptional circumstances

In the case of exceptional circumstances such as those described below, OCVB may disclose members’ personal information.

  1. Cases where a request for the disclosure of information has been made according to law by a legal institution such as a court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, or the police.
  2. Other cases acknowledged by OCVB as being particularly necessary.


5. Acquisition of IP addresses

OCVB automatically acquires site users’ IP address information, etc.
In cases where a site user has violated either Japanese law, or the agreements and various regulations stipulated by OCVB, cases where improper access has been identified, or cases where there is a risk of infringement of the rights of the Okinawa Story’s system, its site users, or other concerned parties, OCVB may investigate the IP address, confirm the identity of the site user, and terminate their access.


6. Use of access log

OCVB uses facilities such as the web server’s log analysis function to aggregate an access log and then use this for surveys and research regarding tourist information in Okinawa. Furthermore, while OCVB may acquire detailed information on transition dynamics partly through combination with personal information or cookies, this use will be in accordance with this privacy policy. In such cases, however, information on personal transition dynamics will not be disclosed in such formats that would allow identification of individuals.

■ Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Be.Okinawa (hereinafter referred to as “”Website”").
This Website is a web portal for travel information in Okinawa, operated by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “”OCVB”").

On this Web site, we will obtain the minimum required personal information within the scope of the purposes set forth below. This Privacy Policy applies to all users (including tenants) of Okinawa Story.

1. Definition of Personal Information
Personal information on this Website refers to identifiable information of a specific individual in part or by collation with the following information.
1. Email address, name, or address obtained from an inquiry email.

2. Use of Personal Information
Personal information shall be used mainly for the following purposes.
1. Contact by OCVB via email
2. Surveys and research regarding tourism in Okinawa
3. Restrictions on the Use of Personal Information
As standard policy, OCVB shall not disclose information, from which an individual may be identified, or provide personal information to a third party.
However, OCVB may provide personal information to an external contractor in the event that work within the scope stipulated in Article 2 is outsourced upon entering a nondisclosure agreement with the subject contractor.
1. In the event that the point of contact for registered users to reach OCVB is outsourced to an external contractor.
2. In the event that the task of contacting registered members via email, etc. is outsourced to an external contractor.

4. Disclosure of Information under Special Circumstances
OCVB may disclose personal information under the following special circumstances.
1. In the event that information is requested by a court, public prosecutor’s office, police, or any other authority of law in compliance with the law.
2. For other reasons deemed particularly necessary by OCVB.

5. Acquisition of IP Address
OCVB shall automatically acquire the IP address and other information of the user.
In the event that the user violates the terms and conditions set forth by OCVB or provisions stipulated by Japanese laws or regulations, unauthorized access is confirmed, or there is a possibility of infringement upon the rights of the Website system, user, or any other related party, OCVB may investigate the IP address for purposes of identifying the individual or blocking access.

6. Use of Access Log
OCVB shall aggregate an access log by means of utilizing log analysis features on the web server to conduct research on tourist information in Okinawa. OCVB may, in part, combine personal information and cookies to obtain dynamic transition information in detail, in which event the practice shall comply with this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, the dynamic transition information shall not be disclosed in such a way that the individual may be identified.

■ Site Policy

This Website is a web portal for travel information in Okinawa operated by the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “”OCVB”").
It shall be assumed that the user has agreed to the following terms and conditions in pursuing the use of this Website.
OCVB shall, without notifying the user, add or modify provisions of the terms and conditions as it deems necessary. Please refer to the latest terms and conditions at the time of use, as OCVB will not notify the user of additions or modifications. In addition, the following terms and conditions as well as provisions thereof shall supersede all explanatory materials or information contained on this Website in the event that any conflict arises in the content.

1. Services Provided on this Website
In order to use this Website, the user must be connected to the Internet. It shall be the responsibility of the user to arrange the necessary equipment, software, communication equipment, etc. OCVB does not intervene in neither the preparation nor means of connecting to the Internet. Please note that OCVB absolutely cannot respond to inquiries pertaining to these matters.
This Website currently offers a variety of services including information services and tenant services. OCVB shall reserve the right to modify, terminate, or transfer to another service the scope of these services without notifying the user.

2. System Operation and Information Guarantee
This Website agrees to the search and perusal of information by all Internet users but shall not guarantee whatsoever the scope of services, reliability of the system, access results, etc. OCVB manages the information published on this Website at its discretion but shall not guarantee the validity of the information. OCVB shall not assume responsibility for any damages suffered by the user as a result of the information contained on this Website.

This Website shall not guarantee whatsoever to:
1) satisfy the request of the user;
2) ensure any trouble or error does not occur while providing its services;
3) ensure accuracy of information; and
4) meet the expectations of the user with respect to products and services acquired through the information contained on this Website.
Use of this Website shall be pursued entirely with the personal responsibility of the user.

Error in the information, information significantly devoid of validity, information that violates public policy, etc. shall be referred to OCVB upon discovery for review and, as deemed necessary, revision at any time. As deemed necessary by OCVB, tenants subscribed to tenant services may be subject to guidance to correct information, deletion, termination of services, etc.

4. Handling of Links
This Website is free to link to, and contacting OCVB for permission is unnecessary.
This Website has links to numerous external websites and resources. OCVB shall not assume responsibility for any damages to users caused by the content of these websites, as they are not included in the scope this Website’s management.

5. Property Rights of OCVB
OCVB shall reserve the property rights to all information and services on this Website, except for information not provided by OCVB. Reproduction, publication, transmission, distribution, transfer, translation, licensing, reprint, and reuse without the consent of OCVB shall be prohibited. The user shall agree in advance that, in the event of violation, OCVB reserves the right to demand compensation equivalent to the profits gained from any such violation.

6. Notification and Contact
OCVB shall notify or contact the user of this Website on a server or via email if necessary. The user of this Website shall contact OCVB via email or mail if necessary.