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Multilingual call center service

For international call or International roaming, 




If the phone number 0570-077201 did not go through, please call at 098-851-7286.
The number 098-851-7286 can be reachable for international calls and some international roaming phone which the number 0570-077201 did not go through.

8.5 yen (within Naha), 20 to 40 yen (outside Naha), 90 yen (mobilephone) for every 3 minutes. If you call us at 098-851-7286, international call rates for Japan or international roaming rate will be charged.


April 1, 2014~March 31 2015


Contact us if you need a translator while you are shopping, getting around with taxi, obtaining visitor information, in case of emergency or any other situations that you need an assistance.

No service fee will be charged except for your regular call charge to our landline.



I’d like to know how to get to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium by bus.
I don’t have an international driver’s license, so I’d like to know information about sightseeing buses and taxis.
I’m going to travel by rent-a-car. Will you tell me recommended sightseeing spots?
I want to know about the fares and 1 or 2-day pass for the monorail.
I want to know about the schedules and fares of ferries to go to remote islands.
I want to know any places to keep my suitcase.
I want to do scuba diving, so could you give me some information about diving shops?
I’d like to know the weather forecast for this week in Okinawa.
Please tell the staff that I need to get a receipt.
Please translate the food menu for me.
I had a car accident. Please tell me how to deal with it.
I left my cell phone in a taxi. Will you call the taxi company and tell them about my situation?


Multilingual call center service can be reached through the landline or using Skype from your smartphones and tablet devises. There are more than 200 free Wi-Fi spots in Okinawa for your convenience.
Also, you can obtain visitor information including frequently asked questions (FAQ), travel tips, and emergency resources, which are updated at all times on the official Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau website and its Facebook page.

It is our mission to provide a safe and comfortable environment for visitors in Okinawa. Our call center service is available before, during and after your visit.



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