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Why Okinawa?


The contrast between the blue ocean and the white sand of the beaches of Okinawa is truly dazzling. Resort areas in Okinawa feature both relaxation and marine leisure. If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, why not visit a luxurious hotel and spa? In addition, a visit to a beach includes tranquil hidden beaches, famous locations for enjoying the colorful world of the ocean, and outdoor areas suitable for diving and barbecues. Enjoy the two different aspects of the ocean in Okinawa.


The beaches of Okinawa have beautiful shades of emerald green created by coral reefs while the beauty of the beaches will make you forget about time. The brightness of the white sand under the sun never seems to end and jewel-like tropical fish deliberately swim so close you can touch them if you should happen to venture under the water. In particular, the spectacle of the beach at sunset is magnificent. Okinawa’s beautiful sunsets cannot be fully captured in photos or paintings. Days spent at Okinawa’s beaches are truly unforgettable.



Yet another attractive facet of Okinawa is the wide selection of beaches suitable for every purpose. You can swim with colorful tropical fish at open beaches. Or, you can thoroughly enjoy the resort experience at a hotel’s private beach surrounded by beautiful nature.