Prior information before departure

Q. Do people of Okinawa understand my mother tongue?

A. Okinawa is known as Okinawa Prefecture in Japan, so you basically need to be able to communicate in Japanese. However, some places can provide assistance in your language, such as facilities and hotels.


Q. Where can I get an Okinawa tourism brochure?

A. You can obtain it by downloading from this site or by postal mail from each office.
In addition, the brochures are also available after arriving at the tourist information center in Okinawa, located on the first floor of Naha International Airport.



Q. I want to know information about the weather in Okinawa.

A. You can check it at the following Japan Meteorological Agency site.



Q. Where can I find information about the annual climate?

A. Please confirm it on the following site.



Q. When is the typhoon season?

A. Typhoons occur from around June to October every year. Many typhoons come near Okinawa in August and September. We provide typhoon information also at Be.okinawa site and SNS, so please check them.



Q. When is the rainy season?

A. Rainy season starts from early May to late June every year. Past rainy season information can be found here. (※ Written in Japanese)



Q. I want to ask in detail about tourism methods in Okinawa but I cannot find any information. What can I do?

A. In Okinawa, there is an information center dedicated for foreign visitors. Details are available at the following page, so please check it.



Q. Where can I check annual events in Okinawa?

A. You can check the annual events on this page, so please check it.



Okinawa Stay Edition

Q. What kind of transportation is available in Okinawa?

A. Buses, monorails, taxis, and rental cars are available in Okinawa.




Rental cars


Q. Where can I exchange to Japanese yen?

A. You can exchange at Naha International Airport, Kokusai Street, and etc. Also, there are some ATMs where you can exchange, so please check it below.



Q. Is it possible to shop duty-free in Okinawa?

A. It is possible. Please check below for conditions and procedures for duty-free.



Q. I’m bringing along electrical products, but can I use them just like that in Okinawa?

A. AC100V and 60Hz. Also outlets are 2-pin.
For more information, please check below.



Q. If I get in trouble during my stay, such as losing my things or getting in traffic accidents, what can I do?

A. Don’t worry about the words, but make sure to call 110 and contact the police in case of accidents, theft, and other issues. In case of health issues or a sudden illness, call 119.


Q. Do I have to pay tips at restaurants or hotels?

A. Usually, no.


Transportation Edition

Q. I’m travelling in Okinawa for the first time using a rental car. Is there anything I have to be careful of when driving?

A. Please check in advance with respect to road signs and lane directions. Also, there are bus exclusive lanes in Okinawa. Please visit the following page and confirm road signs and bus lane information.

※ Some rental car companies provide driving courses in advance. If you are worried about driving, please ask each rental car company at the time of reservation.



Q. Can I ride a taxi or a bus with a stroller, a wheelchair or a bicycle?

A. It is possible. You’ll need to put them into a trunk case with respect to a taxi. You can also ride a bus with them, but you need to make it compact to avoid disturbing other passengers.


Q. I want to go to each tourist destination, but there is no bus information. How can I arrive at the destination?

A. The bus routes to major tourist spots are indicated at the following. (Naha bus terminal sites)

Gyokusendo:Take bus No.83 from “Kamiizumi Bus Stop” next to Naha bus terminal. It will take about an hour.

Outlet Mall Ashibinaa:Take No. 55. 56. 88. 98 bus from “Asahibashi Bus Stop” across Naha bus terminal. Take a bus toward Toyosaki Michinoeki and get off at “Outlet Mall-Mae.”It will take about 30 minutes.

Ou Island:Take bus No. 53 from “Kamiizumi Bus Stop” next to Naha bus terminal. After about 40 minutes, get off at “Ou Bus Stop.”

American Village:Take No. 20, 28, 29 bus from Naha bus terminal. After about 1 hour, get off at “Kuwae Bus Stop.”It is a 5-minute walk.

AEON MALL Okinawa RyCom

Zanpamisaki:Take bus No. 28 from Naha bus terminal. After about an hour and a half, get off at “Yomitan Bus Terminal.” It takes about 30 minutes to walk after getting off.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium:Take No. 20, 120 bus or No. 111 highway bus from Naha bus terminal and go to “Nago bus terminal.” From “Nago bus terminal” take No. 65, 66, 70 bus and get off at “Kinenkoen-Mae.” It will take about 3 hours.

Manzamo:Take No. 20 and 120 bus from Naha bus terminal. After about an hour and 40 minutes, get off at “Onnamura Yakuba Mae Bus Stop.”

Kouri Island:Take 20, 120 bus or No. 111 highway bus from Naha bus terminal and go to “Nago Bus Terminal.” From Nago Bus Terminal, take No. 72 bus and get off at “Yagahama Bus Stop.” It is about 3 km on foot or you can take a taxi to Kouri Island.