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Zakimi-jō site -Zakimi Castle Remains-


Overlooking the west coast on a 125-meter high hill, Zakimi Castle was erected during the 15th century. Around 1422, Gosamaru, then lord of Yamada Castle, four kilometers northeast of Zakimi, build Zakimi Castle by demolishing Yamada Castle and using the stone for his new home. With two terraces, a perimeter of 365 meters, and a total area of 7,385 m2 , it is a medium-scale castle. While the ramparts follow the Aikata masonry technique made of Ryukyu limestone, the arch entrance is pure Nunodzumi-style masonery.

Designated a national historic site on May 15 1972.
Inscribed on the Register of World Heritage Sites in December 2000 as “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu.”

Facility Information
Erected by a castle builder, Gosamaru, Zakimi Castle stands on a hill overlooking the west coast
Open year round
2975, Zakimi,Yomitan-Village, Okinawa Prefecture
Transportation Access
Approximately 30min. from Okinawa Expressway: Okinawa Kita I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 20 min. from Nearest bus stop: Zakimi by Walk