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Yomitan Village Joint Sale Center


The Yomitan Village Joint Sale Center is the red roof-tiled building along Route 58, and specialty goods and handicrafts of Yomitan Village are sold here. Products such as traditional “Yomitan Hana-ori”, pottery and Ryukyu glass are lined up on the shelves, for Yomitan Village is known as a place for thriving arts and crafts. In the adacent restaurant, “<I>Yui-maru</I>,” Okinawan home cooking can be enjoyed. The restaurant is operated by the parents’ association protecting disabled children and is also locally popular for its reasonable and filling menu.

Facility Information
The Yomitan handicrafts of <I>Yomitanzan Hana-ori</I> and pottery are lined up in rows.
Business Hours
Restaurant: 9:00~17:00
Shops: none - Restaurants: Thursday
2723-1, Zakimi,Yomitan-Village, Okinawa Prefecture, 904-0301
Parking Area
50 cars
Transportation Access
Approximately 30 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Okinawa Kita I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 1 minutes from Nearest bus stop : Oyashi Iriguchi by Walk