Tropical Dream Center

Tropical Dream Center


Divided into 14 zones according to theme, the Tropical Dream Center is a “palace of dreams” blooming with tropical and subtropical flowers. Nearly 2,000 orchids of the world are displayed in the three orchid greenhouses, and the flowers can be seen throughout the four seasons.In February of every year, nearly 20,000 orchids of the world are gathered here for the Okinawa International Orchid Show, usually crowded with flower lovers. Beautiful nature, various tropical plants, waterbirds and tropical flowers blooming in the courtyard and large freshwater fish from the Amazon swimming in the large aquarium are displayed in skillful architectural design.

Facility Information
Explore the mysterious land of the subtropics surrounded by flowers and dreams
Business Hours
March - November: 9:30~17:30

July 20 - August 31: 9:30~18:30
Entrance fee: children: 340JPY
Within Ocean Expo Park, 424, Ishikawa,Motobu-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, 905-0206
Transportation Access
Approximately 40 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Kyoda I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 3 minutes from Nearest bus stop : Kinen Koen-mae by Walk