Traditional Music Tavern Hiramatsu

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Traditional Music Tavern Hiramatsu


A traditional music tavern owned and operated by Toshiko Yamashiro, from Iheya Island in northern Okinawa. They say that the name of the tavern came from Iheya Island’s symbol, the Nendo Hiramatsu, a large pine tree. Most of the cuisine is 500, with home cooking like champuru, sashimi, and tempura as well as items not on the menu. Its also worth seeing and listening to the Oyadomari couple, and the owner’s Ryukyuan dance. Make some memories by changing into the costumes we have available and dancing some Kachashi. About one minute from Kokusai Street in the direction of Matsuo Fire Station.

Facility Information
Close to Kokusai Street, a place where you can have Okinawan home cooking together with song.
Awamori Bottle starting at: 5000JPY

Champuru: 500JPY

Hirayachi: 500JPY

Soft Drinks: 500JPY
900-0014, 2-2-29,, Matsuo,Naha-City, Okinawa Prefecture