Traditional Music Bar Inaka Otome

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Traditional Music Bar Inaka Otome


Next to the Naha Police Station, in a residential neighborhood close to the Yogi Intersection, is a traditional music bar close to the lives of the local residents. The main performances consist of the proprietor and singer, Seikichi Shinzato, and two other performers on stage. Guests who are confident in their musical ability can participate in the show, too. The shows with the full group are from 22:00, but negotiations are possible. The songs themselves can also be unique, with Shinzato-san’s mandolin and violin performances as well.

Facility Information
A traditional music bar in a residential neighborhood. Have fun with the local grandpas
Beer: 1000JPY

Cuisine: 500JPY
900-0023, 2-26-11, Sobe,Naha-City, Okinawa Prefecture