Tomishiro Soba

Tomishiro Soba


A soba restaurant in the middle of a residential area, where Kyoko Gushikawa is the singer and the manager. The restaurant becomes a stage every Friday night, where you can enjoy the guest singers, ranging from young to old, who change monthly, and the manager’s singing as well. Every fourth Friday is the Amateur Night, a night with a different flavor than the live performances, where individuals from all over crowd into the restaurant to perform traditional songs and sanshin music. Why not try the original flavors of the soba, with EM, Sunui and Fuchiba integrated inside while you have a listen to the live performances.

Facility Information
Enjoy a live performance in a noodle shop every Friday, and an Amateur Night as well.
Business Hours
Weekly Friday Live Performance: 20:00~
Weekly Friday Performance

Amateur Night: 20:00~
Guest Live Performances Possible
EM Okinawa Soba: 600JPY

EM Soki Soba: 700JPY

EM Chicken Soba: 600JPY
901-0202, 731, Kakazu,Tomigusuku-City, Okinawa Prefecture
Parking Area
10 cars