The Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center

The Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center



Lake Man, or “Manko” in Japanese, is located in southern Okinawa between Tomigusuku and Naha City. It is a wetland area recognized under the Ramsar Convention. Numerous migratory birds, sandpipers, and many birds of the plover family frequent these wetlands. This area is also home to numerous waterfowl and other fauna that thrive in its precious climate. This makes these wetlands an important place in Okinawa.

The Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center, which is located nearby, provides an observation deck and many information displays on the natural treasures found in and around Lake Man. The center also features a wooded road where visitors can experience mangroves and crabs up close.

Located just 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport, it is a great spot to visit before you head to the airport to catch your return flight home.

Business Hours
Close Monday (except national holidays), New Years (from 29-Dec to 03-Jan), and the anniversary of the end of the battle in Okinawa (23-Jun)
Available Language
*Staff provide basic information in English
*English,Chinese and Korean guidebooks are also available.
Tomigusuku 982, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa prefecture, Japan
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