South Point Diving Service

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South Point Diving Service


The sea of Kabira, Ishigaki City, where South Point is located, is highly renowned for its manta scramble, and is beginner-friendly at a mere 8 m deep. The shop is only a 5-minute walk from Kabira Bay’s beach, and within 10 minutes by boat to all dive points. The shop underwent a renovation in June 2003 to facilitate better accessibility for the handicapped. Stretch out your legs, unwind to <I>Sanshin</I> (3-stringed guitar-like instrument) music after the dive, and experience the essence of Yaeyama.

Facility Information
A cozy dive shop near Kabira Bay
1 boat dive: 8000JPY

3 boat dives: 17000JPY
Credit Card
915, Kabira,Ishigaki-City, Okinawa Prefecture, 907-0453