Sea Technico

Sea Technico


Visitors will board one of three cruisers equipped with bathrooms and showers and travel to the magnificent, serene sea of Iriomote National Park. The tour makes stops at a number of islands, including an illusive island in the coral reefs, as well as Kayama Island (uninhabited island with a circumference of 2.5 km), Kondoi Beach on Taketomi Island, and Kohama Island, just to name a few. Enjoy a variety of marine leisure like snorkeling, diving and clam digging.

Facility Information
Fantastic marine leisure experience on a large cruiser, taking you from one island to another
Business Hours
Operation period: March 11 - October 31
B Taketomi Island course: 9000JPY
Children: 6000 yen (Ishigaki Island → Taketomi Island Kondoi Beach → dream island → outer reef → Ishigaki Port)

C fish pool course: 10000JPY
Children: 7000 yen (Ishigaki Island → fish pool → Kohama → Ishigaki Port)

D course (C reverse course): 10000JPY
Children: 7000 yen (Kohama → fish pool → dream island → outer reef → Ishigaki Island)

Diving trial: JPY
Additional 5000 yen to above price
3400-38, KohamamTaketomi-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, 907-1221