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Sea Land Main Branch


Along with the main branch, Sea Land has 4 stores in mainland Okinawa (Naha, Haebaru, Ginowan and Nago). The main shop is located 40 minutes away from Naha Airport, and stands in Chatan Town on the side of Route 58, at the intersection leading to Sunset Beach’s entrance. The largest fishing shop in Okinawa with an abundance of articles to choose from, it covers all types of fishing possible on Okinawa. Also, with its fishing boat services, it allows anyone to join popular fishing tours without the worries of gathering necessary materials or even getting there.

Facility Information
One of the charms of the largest fishing store in the prefecture is that it offers fishing tours that need no equipment to join
Business Hours
Business hours (Jan-Mar): 8:00~21:00
Fourth Tuesday of January to March
1day payao fishing course/ boat charter: 84000JPY
Fees include tax, boat fare, cooler box, ice, bait, fishing rod and drinks

1 day jigging course: 89000JPY
Fees include tax, boat fare, lunch and drinks
Credit Card
2-1-1, Mihama,Chatan-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, 904-0115
Parking Area
50 cars
Transportation Access
Approximately 25 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Okinawa Minami I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 5 minutes from Nearest bus stop : Gun Byoin-mae by Walk