Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA

Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA


3 Features of “Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA”, Local Meat, Local Vegetables and Original Sauce

Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA image Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA image Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA image

Serving mainly good quality of Branded Okinawa Beef, Local Beef and Pork which is selected carefully everyday. And pursuing magnificence and pleasantness as the style of “Ryukyu Yakiniku” which was named by the meaning of, to eat out OKINAWA, which are Meat, Original Sauce, Side menus and carbohydrate dish as a close.


Business Hours
5:00pm -0:00am (L.O 11:00pm)
Dinner Course "NAKAMA" -Eat out Ryukyuu- 4,500JPY
Dinner Course "Specially selected Ishigaki Beef" 8,000JPY
Today's recommended assortment of Local Beef 6,800JPY
Assortment of 3 kinds of Agu Pork 1,680JPY

*8% tax will be charged on your bill.
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2247-1 Nakama, Onna-son Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0401
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Transportation Access
7 minutes' drive from Kyoda Interchange
70 minutes' drive from Naha Airport