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Kalahaai featuring the energic performances by Okinawa’s own Rinken Band.
Riken Band has entertained millions of fans since 1977. Rinken Band has also recorded several CD’s.

Located on the ocean side of Mihama American Villege.
Everybody can enjoy the live music performances by Rinken Band, tinktink and Okinawan food in a cozy atmosphere. Rinken Band performs once a week.

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On Saturdays we have a Special Performance by RINKEN BAND.
RINKEN BAND is a very famous Okinawan music group.They use not only traditional Okinawan instruments like the sanshin,sanba and taiko.but also drums,bass guitar,electric guitar and piano.
They perform all their songs in Hogen, the native Okinawan dialect.
we encourage you to sing and dance along like Okinawans do.
It’s a great show that you will never foget!

We have a special performance by young Okinawan leadies calld “Tink Tink”.
They perform traditional Okinawan music and dance,and modern songs as well. They not only sing but also play the sanshin, sanba and taiko.Great music and a great value!
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Facility Information
It’s a great show that you will never foget!
Rinken Band special live music charges- adult
3,500JPY   (One Drink Included)
(※Reservation required)

Rinken band special live music charges- 4~12 years old
1,500JPY (One Drink Included)
(※Reservation required)

Dairy program music charges- adult
1,500JPY (Does not include food or refreshments)

Dairy program music charges- 4~12 years old
700JPY (Does not include food or refreshments)
Credit Card
8-11, Mihama,Chatan-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, 904-0115
Parking Area
6 cars
Free parking in the neighborhood is possible.
Transportation Access
Approximately 25 minutes from Okinawa Expressway:Okinawa Minami I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 7 minutes from Nearest bus stop:Gun Byoin-mae by Walk