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We hold 4-passenger taxi. (131)
We hold 9-passenger jumbo taxi. (3)
We hold high-quality taxi. (11)
We hold taxi to be able to take as a wheelchair. (7)


Facility Information
What does the transportation in the destination hit on?
Is it a rent-a-car freely willingly? Is it the trip of the sightseeing bus leisurely slowly?
Though it is good, how is good-quality security and the best trip by "a sightseeing taxi?"
always without holiday
charter it for 8hours: 18900JPY

charter it for 6hours: 16500JPY

charter it for 5hours: 14100JPY

1. It is the amount of fare that is applied only when it is proposed by an E-mail.
When I depended on a taxi crew directly, a distance system fare is applied.
2. It is the amount of fare of the compact car (four visitors-passenger).
3. Entering a kindergarten charges, the institution fee for use, a toll road bill, a parking fee, the eating and drinking rate are not included in the amount of fare.
4. When I exceeded it by the circumstances of the visitor in time, I add 1,720 yen and, every 30 minutes, will request it.
(I leave it off in the case of under 30 minutes.)
5. Because there is it when I make a trip when a traffic jam occurs, I ask to do room with the plan that I had. When I transfer to a plane in particular and passenger boat, I ask for attention.
(When I change it, please tell a crew beforehand.)
192, Ajya,Naha-city, Okinawa Prefecture, 900-0003