OIGA (Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association)

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OIGA (Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association)

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About OIGA

The number of overseas visitors to Okinawa has been increasing every year.
OIGA (Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association), inaugurated in September 2007 and registered with Japan Tourism Agency (JTA), aims to promote international tourism in Okinawa by guiding visitors in an appropriate and entertaining manner in their respective languages. Members include tour guide-interpreters (certified by the national government) and prefecture-based tour guide-interpreters (certified by the prefectural government) residing in Okinawa, who are brushing up their guiding skills through regular training sessions / seminars, etc. and actively serving as guides in the field.
Languages handled by registered members: English, Chinese, Korean, French (As of 2011)

Past guiding experiences by members (excerpt)

Spot guiding at Shurijo Castle Park
Cruise ship calling port excursion guiding
Guiding and attending overseas journalists
Guiding for FAM Program inviting overseas travel agencies
Resort wedding interpreting
Guiding in International Film Festival
FIT Guiding
Business meeting interpreting

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