Ogimi Village Bashofu Hall

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Ogimi Village Bashofu Hall


Bashofu is the oldest of all Okinawan fabrics, said to have originally been woven around the 13th century. Kijoka, Ogimi Village in the north of Okinawa has always been a major producer of Bashofu and is designated an important intangible national cultural heritage. The hall is a facility where young artists pursue training in the way of Bashofu, and is the only place in the prefecture to observe live Bashofu making.

Facility Information
Observe the young Bashofu artists at work in Kijoka, Ogimi Village, the home of Bashofu
Business Hours
April - October: 10:00~17:30
Sunday, second & forth Saturday, December 29 - January 3, an
454, Kijoka,Ohgimi-Village, Okinawa Prefecture, 905-1303
Parking Area
15 cars
A toll parking lot
Transportation Access
Approximately 80 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Kyoda I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 3 minutes from Nearest bus stop : Daiichi Kijoka by Walk