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The seas of Iriomote, island of bountiful nature, are cherished waters for seasoned anglers. Enjoy exciting lure fishing with the aim of catching a fishermen’s dream – Giant Trevally, spearfish, and tuna, among others. In these waters, there are many opportunities to face such starfishes. Marine Box offers various types of fishing: great fish trolling, fishing in mangrove areas, canoe touring and lure fishing trials, all great activities to enjoy Iriomote’s great Mother Nature.

Facility Information
Aim at a big catch! Dynamic lure fishing in the great outdoors
Open year-round
Reef fishing: 36750JPY
1 boat

Trolling (large boat): 52500JPY
7 hours - 1 day
Credit Card
58, Uehara,Taketomi-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, 907-1541