Live In Guuwa

Live In Guuwa


The home venue of jazz pianist Fumio Yara. He has many fans who appreciate his delicate notes and the kind look he has when he looks at his keyboard. Mr. Yara declares without pretension, “Jazz is fun, its even more fun when you listen to it, I mean, we have fun playing it, so we want people to come listen to us having fun.” He also says “Just come in, drink Awamori, eat Ryukyuan Cuisine and listen to some jazz. We don’t mind if you talk your head off during the performance. Everyone has their own way of appreciating jazz.” The store has a counter section and a sofa section.

Facility Information
Drink Awamori, eat Ryukyuan Cuisine, and listen to live Jazz
Business Hours
Live performances 1st21:00~、2nd22:30~、3rd24:00~
Open 7 days a week
Champuru: 600JPY

Toufuyou: 300JPY

Goya Chips: 500JPY

Home-made cake: 200JPY
900-0015, 2F, 1-4-7, Kumiji,Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture