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TIDA BOX opened its doors in January 2005 as the home of Tida Company, an Okinawan music band creating a world of its own. Tida means “the sun” in Okinawan dialect, named with hopes that the band would give strength and courage to its listeners. The duo of Fu-mi, whose calming voice is a hit with the radio and other events, and Yukko, whose anime-like voice is irresistibly charming, is seen everywhere from live concerts to festivals to television to campaign events. Live shows at TIDA BOX feature Tida Company and its friends. Contact for details.

Facility Information
Fun Under the Sun: Tida Company’s Home
Orion draft beer (medium bottle): 600JPY

broild squid arms: 500JPY

friend potatoes: 500JPY

pizza: 700JPY
904-1106, 1-27-1, Ishikawa,Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture