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Kouri Ocean Tower [Kouri-Island]

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The World of amazing landscape! A fascinating view from 82 above sea level.

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Birth of a new landmark on the Kouri Island.
The Kouri Island, also known as the “Island of Love”, has a legend of the Okinawa version of Adam and Eve.
An observation tower that features a panoramic view of the islands and the sea that constantly changes its color depending on the time of the day such as emerald green and cobalt blue.The world of amazing landscapes.

The landscape viewed from the top floor of the tower has the great bridge of Kouri and the colors of an emerald green ocean. This is truly the world of photos. You can enjoy a landscape which makes you sigh.

Head to the observation tower by riding an automatic cart through the park featuring tropical plants and streaming waterfall.
The utmost exhilarating feeling of enjoying the view of the Kouri Bridge and the emerald green sea under negative ions.

Another extraordinary place is the Shell Museum. Here you can see more than 10000 shells from all over the world!
Here are exhibited very rare shells, like shells which live 200m under the sea, dangerous shells with deadly poison, heart shaped shells and many other shells.

A souvenir photograph at the top of the tower, with the marvelous view of the Kouri Bridge and the emerald green sea in the back, will be an unforgettable memory of your trip.

Restaurant featuring the best view in Okinawa.
Neapolitan pizza with fluffy dough baked in 500℃ pizza oven. A very delicious curry with a combination of the mild flavor of coconut and gentle spice.
Authentic Neapolitan pizza and Thai-style green curry to enjoy in the fascinating view is exceptional.

Business Hours
Open all year round
Entrance fee (adults): 800JPY
*cart & Shell Museum & Tower

Entrance fee (Junior High Students & High School Students): 600JPY
*cart & Shell Museum & Tower

Entrance fee Cildren (Elementary School Students): 300JPY
*cart & Shell Museum & Tower

*15% discount for groups of 20 persons of more
538, Kouri, Nakijin village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture, 905-0406
Telephone / FAX
Parking Area
100 cars
Transportation Access
Approximately 110min from Naha Airport by Car (expressway)