Kinpa Ginpa

Kinpa Ginpa


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Kinpa Ginpa,a dining pub located near Chatan’s American Village, has a appearance of an nostalgic Okinawan house which was brought from the country side of the northern part of the Island.
Kinpa Ginpa offers veriety of dishes like, Okinawan, sushi, tenpura, steak, ramen noodles, and many more.Kinpa Ginpa also has wide selection of liquor and drinks like beer, awamori, sake, cocktail,and soft drinks.

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Facility Information
Come enjoy a real nostalgic Okinawan Izakaya
Business Hours
*Kyubon: In mainland Japan the annual ancestor-worshipping event is known as Obon. In Okinawa the ritual is called Kyubon and is celebrated according to the old calendar, with dates varying from year to year.
Upcoming dates:
2012: Aug. 30 (Thu) - Sept. 1 (Sat) / 2013: Aug. 19 (Mon) - Aug. 21 (Wed) / 2014: Aug. 8 (Fri) - Aug. 10 (Sun)
except for New Year’s Day and Kyubon*
Homemade rafute(stewed pork): 735JPY

Today's Assorted sushi plate(8piece): 1050JPY

Stir-fried Tofu: 525JPY

Chicken Teriyaki: 787JPY
2-4-7 Mihama, Chatan Town