Kamimura Distillery

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Kamimura Distillery


The distillery was established in Naha City in 1882 and later moved only its factory to Uruma City in the central region of Okinawa Island in 1999. The factory was moved for the best environment and is now surrounded by greenery in a spacious premises. A <I>Kusu</I> (aged Awamori) warehouse for tasting and sales was added, and storage of Kusu aged Awamori are accepted in the basement. Their representative brand, the oak barrel-stored “<I>Danryu</I>”, was created from the 10 years effort of the predecessor. A brilliant amber color, sweet fragrance and rich flavor, which only oak barrels can provide, completely different from awamori of different storage methods can be enjoyed.

Facility Information
The originator of oak barrel-stored <I>Awamori</I> and amber colored Awamori
Second saturday, Sunday and national holiday
570, Ishikawa Kadekaru,Uruma-City, Okinawa Prefecture, 904-1114
Transportation Access
Approximately 10 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Ishikawa I.C. by Car (open road)

Approximately 10 minutes from Nearest bus stop : Kadekaru by Walk