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Irunti Hutademura


The elderly people of Iriomote Island serve as guides for introducing the nature and culture of the island in the western district of Iriomote Island, where the Irunti Hutademura is scattered in the Hutademura village community. They provide real life experiences of the island. The various tour menus of nature and culture consists of folk implement and Iriomote Soba noodle making, wild boar hunting, and traditional fishing and net hauling tours. Since red tile-roofed houses are used for accomodation, a sense of becoming a resident can be experienced from the stay.

Facility Information
The nature and culture of Iriomote Island can be experienced as it is while staying in a wooden house with red roof tiles.
Folkcraft trial: 2000JPY
2 - 3 hours

Wild boar hunting trial: 8000JPY
4 - 5 hours
973-3, Iriomote,Taketomi-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, 907-1542