Human Stage

Human Stage


A live bar where the large stage is fascinating. The liberating stage allows the artist to display the full range of their performance, and transmits a huge impact to the audience. You can enjoy the live performances from many angles, such as from the floor in front of the stage or the second floor hall that surrounds the stage and allows you to see its entirety allow you to feel and enjoy the intensity of the live performance from many different angles. The lighting and sound are good, of course but “It’s a place where the audience makes the atmosphere”, says planning and work supervisor, Mr. Yamada. From performances by major artists, indie groups, student performances, etc… to comedy performances and wedding receptions, we can do it all.

Facility Information
A stage that can communicate the artist’s brilliance effectively
Monday (Varies due to performance)
Soft Drinks: 300JPY

Beer: 400JPY

French Fries: 400JPY

Somen Champuru: 500JPY
3F., 1-11-1, Nagata,Ginowan-City, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-2212