Hatoma Island

Hatoma Island


This island, just 4 kilometers in circumference, is 5 kilometers from Iriomote Island. A hill called Hatoma Nakamori is just south of the middle of the island. At 33 meters, it is the island’s highest point. In the Yaeyama folk song “Hatoma Bushi”, people sing of their happiness at having paid their taxes for the farm year as they watch the rice and millet ships leave. The islands name might be owing to the presence of many pigeons (“Hato”). Or it might stem from the expression “Hate no shima” (the end island). The islands history is old and ancient remains have been turned up. There isnt much arable land. In Ryukyu Kingdom times, islanders went over to Iriomote by boat to till their fields.

Facility Information
Once fishing flourished here. This flat island's highest point is 33 meters.
Okinawa Prefecture
Transportation Access
Approximately 15min. from Iriomote (Uehara) Port by Boat
Hatoma to Ishigaki

Annei Kanko Ferry/Yaeyama Kanko
--Fare Table (yen)--
Trip : One way Round trip
Adult: 2,610 4,990
Child: 1,310 2,500

Ishigaki Dream Kanko
--Fare Table (yen)--
Trip : One way
Adult: 1,680
Child: 840