Folk Music Snack Bar Gancho

Folk Music Snack Bar Gancho


From Route 330, turn at the intersection where the Ohama Daini Hospital used to be, toward Mawashi-shijo, and in the residential area you will find Gancho – meaning “glasses”- where owner Yukio Kamisato will greet will you with warm and welcoming eyes behind his glasses. An old fashioned snack bar which is also a Sanshin school, Kamisato and his students create an atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Kamisato has been playing Sanshin since he was 20, but he actually began his career as a taxi driver before trading the steering wheel for the beloved instrument. If you’re confident enough, why not hop on the stage and perform with the others?

Facility Information
Feel at Home, and Take the Stage
Bottle of Awamori: 5000JPY

Bottled beer: 800JPY

Tofu Champuru: 500JPY

Hirayachi: 500JPY
2-23-26, Tsuboya,Naha-City, Okinawa Prefecture, 902-0065