Eiko Miyazato’s House of Performance Arts

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Eiko Miyazato’s House of Performance Arts



This is the house of performing arts of Eiko Miyazato, who starred in the movie “Untamagiru.” The first half of the show features folk music and Ryukyuan dance and drum performances. The second half is all martial arts exhibition. It starts with a brief talk on the appeal of Okinawan Karate and moves right to the riveting exhibition of nunchaku and long (equivalent to the length of the stage!) chain sickle. The exhibition is so rare that this is one of the very few places that performs it. “I’ve been doing this (chain sickle) for 50 years, but I’ve never hurt a single person,” says Miyazato, and when the sickle is just inches away from you, announcing its indignation with an audible hum that grows frighteningly loud as it whizzes past you, all you can do is trust his word and enjoy the show.

Facility Information
Folk music, Karate, Traditional Martial Arts and Lion Dance Galore
Cover Charge: Course B: 3500JPY

Goya Champuru: 700JPY

Somen Champuru: 700JPY

Hirayachi: 700JPY
2-4-3, Asato,Naha-City, Okinawa Prefecture, 902-0067