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Eco Guide Cafe Miyako Island


The cafe is located on the first floor of the Hirara Port marine terminal, providing information on diving, eco-tours, fishing and other leisure available on Miyako Island. Eco-tours are a popular program among tourists especially, with fixed-point observation and transplanting of coral reefs as well as mangrove planting. Tourists are welcome to use the Internet in the Internet cafe by the information desk for free.

Facility Information
A cafe with Internet access that directs you to all the attractions on Miyako Island
Open year-round
2 boat dives: 12000JPY
Equipment, lunch not included (half day)

C-card (basic open-water) certification: 60000JPY
Course fee, training fee, textbooks, certification card application, equipment (3 days) included
Hirara Port 1F 103, 108-11, Hirara Shimozato,Miyakojima-City, Okinawa Prefecture, 906-0013
Parking Area
100 cars
Transportation Access
Approximately 3 minutes from Hirara Port by Car (open road)