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Earthtrip Okinawa Tourist Information Center


We at “Earthtrip” are here to support your trip.
We have tourist information and resources that will make your trip to Okinawa a wonderful experience.Once you arrive in Okinawa please visit or call us, and we will be happy to help you!

Tuesday (Office closed)
Tourism Production: 3150JPY~
What is Okinawa Tourism Production?

We offer tourist trips flexibly adjusted to your requests.
The fun of traveling is up to how you image your own trip.

"A trip just for you" - we can introduce tourist attractions, tourist information, people and locations, that will satisfy your needs.
Eventually, your Okinawa trip will be more fun than you can imagine.

Customers’ voice
1. Since it was our first visit to Okinawa, we were worrying about our schedules and tourist information. However thanks to Okinawa Tourism Production we received clear image of our travel.
2. I went for the trip with my friends and Earthtrip gave us appropriate advices, so we had a great time in Okinawa.
3. I was organizing the party for a tourist group and Earthtrip coordinated our travel. It was a great help.

<Tourism production fees>
One group (up to 4 persons) rate fee per day starts from 3,150 JPY
in case of bigger groups or travel plans out of Okinawa mainland,
please contact us for details.
Our services include: consulting fees, document production costs

<Other recommended service>
Preparing of original maps
Rental car reservation
Discount tickets to some facilities

How to apply:
App. 1 month in advance, please visits our office, or call us.
App. 3 weeks before, general idea of your travel plan is presented to you
App. 2 weeks before, your travel plan is completed
On the day of your trip, customers are traveling by themselves
with their travel plan.
Credit Card
Cash only
5-11-4-1F, Kanagusuku, Naha-city, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-0155
Transportation Access
Approximately 2 min from Monorail Oroku station by Walk