Delivering Aroma Oil Massage [OKINAWA Time]

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Delivering Aroma Oil Massage [OKINAWA Time]


Content of service is Regular massage or Aroma oil massage.
Aroma oil massage is improve the flow of lymph.Regular massage is Relieve stiffness.

Our shop close time is AM3:00.

<< Course price >>
40min 3980Yen, 60min 5980Yen, 80min 7980Yen,
100min 9980Yen, 120min 11980Yen

<< Delivery price >>
Naha City, Urasoe City, Tomigusuku City = Free Yen area.
Ginowan City, Okinawa City, Chatan Town = 500 Yen area.
Kadena Town, Yomitan Vilage = 700 Yen area.

Facility Information
Delivering massage for you !!
Business Hours
Business hours: PM6:00~AM3:00
Receive closing time AM2:00.
Aroma oil massage: 3980JPY~
Improve the flow of lymph.

Regular massage: 3980JPY~
Relieve stiffness for you.
Kokusaijyuki Building, 653, Naha CityAjya, Okinawa Prefecture, 900-0003
Telephone / FAX
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