Club D-set

Club D-set


The distance between the stage and the customer’s seats is perfect; this is the perfect venue for that “live” experience. Events are non-genre, with various kinds of music being performed, including shimauta, rock, punk, rockabilly, hard core, jazz and blues. As well as local indie bands, we also host major label performances. We also have other selections such as comedy, plays, kumi-odori (traditional Okinawan dance). The folk band Kaguya Himo, which performs here the last Saturday of every month, is hugely popular with its blend of happy talk and gloomy songs. The member names are Broken Bones Minami, Fake Shozo, Plate Revolver, Pants Yamada and Somin are sure to charm you with their folksy hearts.

Facility Information
Have a listen to our show band Kaguya Himo! We’re having some non-genre performances
Mondays, Other days too (May open Mondays depending on performances)
Italian local chicken: 600JPY

Somen Champuru: 600JPY

Hors d’Oeuvres: 1000JPY

Alcoholic Drinks: 600JPY
900-0015, 2-7-24, Makishi,Naha-City, Okinawa Prefecture