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Aquagrace Chapel



A beachfront chapel with private banquet halls

The Aquagrace Chapel is situated beside the Uza Beach in Yomitan Village.
Together with four ocean-view banquet rooms attached to it, the chapel offers an ideal setting for both wedding ceremony and reception. Based on the concept of “aqua” (water) and “grace,” the chapel is designed for refined tastes using Okinawan materials, such as the elegant exterior walls with a natural touch made of Ryukyu limestone as well as stained Ryukyu glass. The chapel also features barrier-free design. 
A view of the sea behind the altar, special wedding dishes prepared with Okinawan ingredients for precious guests, memorial photo shoot with the background of the sea to capture the happiest moments of the couple who are like the hero and heroine in a movie. . .Your dream wedding will be realized in this luxurious private space.


Facility Information
A beachfront chapel with private banquet halls
675 Uza, Yomitan-son
Telephone / FAX
TEL: 098-859-4139
Phone: (098) 859-4139
Transportation Access
An approx. 1-hour 10-minute drive (local road) from the Naha Airport; An approx. 30-minute drive from the Okinawa-Kita Interchange
Capacity: 60 persons
Wedding aisle: 13 m long; white marble
Okinawa Watabe Wedding Corporation