St. Kabira Church (Ishigaki Seaside Hotel)


Japan's southernmost real church located near the Michelin three-starred destination

Phone : TEL: 0120-144-705 Phone Toll free: 0120-144-705

Address : 154-12 Kabira, Ishigaki-shi (Ishigaki Seaside Hotel)

Crudesur Chapel (ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort)


Japan's southernmost full-scale, stand-alone wedding chapel with the name deriving from the Spanish word "Cruz del Sur" meaning "Southern Cross"

Phone : TEL: 098-859-4139 Phone: (098) 859-4139

Address : 354-1 Maezato, Ishigaki-shi (ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort)

Laguna Chapel (Laguna Garden Hotel)


The romantic blue light and glowing wedding aisle add a refined taste to realize a stylish city resort wedding.

Phone : TEL: 098-897-8384 Phone: (098) 897-8384

Address : 4-1-1 Mashiki, Ginowan-shi (Laguna Garden Hotel)

Lazor Garden Alivila Cristea Church


A church and banquet rooms designed on the basis of the concept of "ultimate satisfaction"

Phone : TEL: 0120-862-863 Phone Toll free: 0120-862-863

Address : Gima, Yomitan-son (Hotel Nikko Alivila)

Alivila Glory Chapel (Hotel Nikko Alivila)


A large chapel with a glorious and sacred ambience—an ideal place to vow eternal love

Phone : TEL:0120-862-863 Phone Toll free:0120-862-863

Address : 600 Gima, Yomitan-son (Hotel Nikko Alivila)

Aquagrace Chapel


A beachfront chapel with private banquet halls

Phone : TEL: 098-859-4139 Phone: (098) 859-4139

Address : 675 Uza, Yomitan-son

Chapel Bianca (Okinawa-Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel)


The aroma of sea breeze and a lush green garden. . . a chapel in a nature-rich paradise

Phone : TEL: 098-958-5000 Phone: (098) 958-5000

Address : 1575 Uza, Yomitan-son (Okinawa-Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel)

Arluis Suite (Seaside Chapel)


The Ryukyu glass wedding aisle leads to the beautiful sea. Luxury wedding integrated with the sea

Phone : TEL: 0120-982-721 Phone Toll free: 0120-982-721

Address : 3085-1 Aza-Yamada, Onna-son