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Basic Information

Basic Information


Total 1,432,871
Men 703,808
Women 729,063
Households 572,542
(Estimation as of Feb. 1st 2016)


1,206.96 km² (466.01 sq.mi.)
(Geospatial Information Authority of Japan; As of Oct. 1st 2015)


North latitude 26 degrees 00 minutes – 27 degrees 00 minutes
East longitude 127 degrees 30 minutes – 128 degrees 30 minutes

Contacts for Emergencies and Unexspected Incidents

Calling the police to report an accident or crime


Calling an ambulance or fire engine in case of injury, illness or fire


Call 118 to report accidents in the sea.



Japan voltage is 100V, 60Hz. Electrical outlet that can be used is type A.



International Travel Insurance

Some people may neglect to sign up for insurance, “because will be a short trip” or “because [they have] never caught an illness or incurred damages in the past.” However, no matter how careful you may be, accidents happen. Due to the rise in cases of theft, loss, illnesses, and injuries among travelers without travel insurance who consequently cannot afford the cost of treatment, it is imperative to purchase travel insurance with coverage for these issues.

If you have plans for activities such as scuba diving, biking, driving, and trekking, why not enhance your sense of security during your trip to Okinawa by considering international travel insurance coverage?

Methods of signing up for insurance, premiums, amount, and coverage limit vary by insurance company, so please contact an insurance company directly.